WestStein for business

A next-generation expense-management solution:
a flexible, affordable and secure expense card for small and medium-sized businesses.

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How does it work?

WestStein prepaid Mastercard® for business is an international reloadable expense card that is perfect for small and medium-sized companies that want to have less paper, more money and more time on their hands to grow. Now you can manage your employee salaries, affiliate and commission payouts, cash flow and budgets online and in real time in a manner that is more transparent and more beneficial to you.

One international and from the company’s basic account independent e-wallet – multiple purposes. At its core, WestStein payment solutions combine the best of international banking and innovative financial technologies to provide you with effective tools to oversee your budget, leaner processes, better fees, additional security and payment privacy.

A WestStein prepaid Mastercard expense card can be used for the following purposes

icon1Travel expenses
icon2Daily office expenses
icon3Customer relation
icon4Fuel expenses
icon5Project budgets
icon7Gift cards
icon8Loyalty programmes

Manage your money and expenses without hassle: open your e-wallet, order a WestStein prepaid Mastercard® for business, control your expenses and upload all the reporting data from your card to your accountancy software!

Benefits / Features


No liability and better fees

Spend only what you load on the card; thus, no credit history checks are required.
Save on card and account fees, as well as on fees for cash withdrawals in the Eurozone


Leaner processes, less paperwork

Save time on managing expenses, transactions and reports – everything is online.


Real-time control

Easy to monitor when and where money is spent and what it is spent on.
Limit transaction types, deactivate cards and monitor reports online.


Load your card via transfer or cash

Load your card via a transfer from your e-wallet or by buying special vouchers at any Narvesen retail point in Latvia. This works well for retailers who want to save up on encashment.


Complete security

The card is completely independent from your company’s main account.
We combine the security of both a bank and Mastercard


Full transfer functionality

Incoming and outgoing SEPA payments, as well as incoming international transfers.

Download weststein mobile application

Monitor your spending, load your card account and make transfers!

WestStein prepaid Mastercard®
Born for freedom, perfect for you!

Step by step application

icon15Fill out the online form and provide some basic information about your business
icon16 WestStein’s corporate client manager will contact you
icon17 Provide the required documentation to open an electronic money account e-wallet and the details for the required cards
icon18 After approval of the price offer and the company’s verification, an e-wallet is opened within 24 hours
icon19 The company will receive the ordered prepaid cards by post within seven days
icon20 Gain access to information through the client’s online portal
icon21 Get user training
icon22 At your service: daily customer support in Latvian, English and Russian

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Client identification and e-wallet opening FREE

Card issuing and monthly fee

Card IBAN Account opening
Card Fee
EUR 9,99
Monthly Service Charge
EUR 1,00

E-wallet loading transactions

SWIFT Incoming payments
EUR 0.80
SEPA Incoming payments

Card loading transactions

Loading by Batch File
EUR 0.60 per card
WestStein Card to WestStein Card Transfer
E-wallet to Card
EUR 0,80
SEPA Outgoing payments
EUR 0,55

Administrative transactions

Stolen Card Replacement
EUR 10,00
Transaction Investigation Fee
EUR 15,00

ATM usage

Eurozone ATM withdrawal
EUR 2,50
International ATM withdrawal (of amount withdrawn)
EUR 2,50 +1,5 %
ATM Balance check
EUR 0,30
FX Rate on ATM
3,00 %
Transaction decline fees
EUR 0,50

POS transactions

Eurozone POS
International POS
EUR 0,50
FX Rate on Spend
3,00 %
All decline fees
EUR 0,50

Miscellaneous fees

Inactivity fee
(after 90 days of inactivity; occurs every 30 days while the card is not being used)
EUR 2,00

Card Limits

Initial Load Maximum
EUR 5 000,00
Maximum daily spend
EUR 5 000,00
Maximum ATM daily Withdrawal
EUR 750,00
Maximum Load Amount Per Day
EUR 10 000,00
Maximum Card Balance
EUR 15 000,00